Meet Andy & His Team

Andy Martin (Boss)

Andy did his training and qualified with farrier Tim Rooney RSS in South Wales in 1988.

At the end of his apprenticeship he was selected to take part in the farrier Cultural Exchange Scheme over in America. On his return he decided he wanted to gain more experience working with other farriers and freelanced for sometime in England.
In 1999 Andy felt he needed to further his education and gained his Associate of the Worshipful Company of Farriers (AWCF).
Andy has been lucky enough to have had a variety of apprentices who have all worked hard towards achieving their Diploma in farriery and has currently successfully trained 14 apprentices.
Andy is currently training 3 apprentices all at different stages of their apprenticeship he trains them to shoe to a very high standard and handle horses in a calm and controlled professional manner. He often encourages them to compete at shoeing competitions and attend seminars.
He is extremely competitive and has participated in many shoeing competitions in the UK and abroad. For the last 20 years he has been a member of the Welsh Farrier Team competing at the International Shoeing Competition being part of the winning team on numerous occasions. He has also won and been reserve World Shoeing Champion twice at the World Blacksmith Competition in Calgary.
Being a rider himself and competing in many disciplines he is fully aware of the importance of owner/farrier relationship. He has been in a few situations himself where he has had to pop a thrown shoe on his own horse just before leaving to a competition. He understands situations arise and does his best to accommodate those clients that need a farrier quickly.
Andy is a farrier with a fast amount of experience and knowledge. If any remedial work or consultation is needed he will work alongside vets and owners farriers to get the best outcome for the horse.
He enjoys his job and feels there is always something new to learn about shoeing!

James Martin

James Martin is Andy's eldest son and Qualified in 2016.
He continues to work for Andy on a freelance basis part time.
He is a great help on the yard and around the forge, he enjoys shoemaking and he is always willing to help the apprentices with their forge work.
Being a talented jockey James enjoys racing as an amateur jockey for his dad under rules and riding in point to points. He has ridden over the Grand National fences for Celia Plunkett and for Andy.
He has ridden from an early age and he is use to handling all types of horses. He has a lot of experience with every day to day dealings with racehorses and youngsters and he is very good horseman around nervous/skittish types.
He enjoys shoeing and feels he is continually learning.

Mobile: 07807 139 763.

Thomas Martin

Thomas Martin is Andy's youngest son.

Although Tom is not a qualified farrier yet he is looking to start an apprenticeship with his dad. He is very much part of the family business and helps out in any way he can.

Tom is a very talented horseman and enjoys eventing at all levels, he has produced some lovely horses and all of whom have been very successful please check out his website – All of Tom’s horses are shod by Andy and his team and there is often an in depth conversation between Andy and Tom about how the feet look and how the horse is performing and if any changes need to be made when next shod.
Tom realises that his horses need regular shoeing in order for them to compete at a high level. He makes sure they are shod between 4 to 5 weeks, any longer and he feels the horses do not perform as they should.
This is crucial feedback, noticing changes to your horse’s feet or performance after and during shoeing is vital and any new information may be useful to your farrier when your horse is next shod.
Tom also fits in selling personal insurance and is an insurance advisor… he can advise on all sorts of policies but mainly covers accident, critical illness and income protection policies.
If Tom can assist anyone with personal insurance or training of your horse please contact him on
07816 366 951.

Julia Martin

Julia Martin is married to Andy and helps with the day to day running of the business.

Often on hand to help out with the racehorses or found buried under a mountain of paperwork.
She also runs a small livery yard which includes looking after any clinic horses Andy needs stabled for remedial shoeing.
When she is not on the yard or doing paperwork she likes to help her son Thomas with his event horses and drives him up and down the country competing.

Fiona Hemmings

Ono has worked for us riding out

mucking out, grooming, PA work, leading up our racehorses at race meetings and since becoming a qualified Chiropractor treats our horses and staff as well!
We have known Ono a very long time and she is now a part of our family. She is extremely hard working and completely dedicated to everything she does.
With a wicked sense of humour which is a must with the Martin’s she is always upbeat and positive which keeps everyone on their toes!
Any spare time she has, she will ride and compete her mum’s event horses or help anyone that needs a hand if she has a spare minute.
I highly recommend Ono (Fiona) for horse and human chiropractic treatment.
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Brandon Moxon

Brandon Moxon is a 4th Year Apprentice.
Brandon enjoys his horseracing and has been part of our team when we race our own horses.
His parents show successfully new forest ponies and Brandon has been involved with handling and helping out with the ponies when he was at home.
He enjoys motorsport and is very knowledgeable with the mechanics of a car, which has come in handy on quite a few occasions when a few situations have arisen at our yard!
When he gets 5 minutes he enjoys being in the forge practising his shoe making. His latest college attendance was very good and shows his commitment to achieving good results.

If you need an expert mobile farrier service in Chipping Norton or throughout Oxfordshire, call Andy Martin AWCF today,
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